Proficiency in Academic English exams

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Proficiency in Academic English exams book contains three main sections: Reading, Vocabulary and Writing. There is a natural relationship between academic reading, vocabulary and writing. Each of these sections is designed to use this relationship to assist students to enhance their abilities in these academic fields.

READING: The primary goal of Proficiency in Academic English exams is to assist students at the undergraduate level in improving their reading and writing skills. Reading comprehension passages, which have been chosen from a variety of disciplines, are designed to improve a wide range of abilities required to comprehend reading passages in English proficiency exams (Hazirlik Atlama), such as PAE, IELTS, TOEFL and SAT. These abilities encompass: 

  • Skimming a text to identify the topic, main ideas, major points and supporting details.
  • Understanding the tone of a passage
  • Recognizing the author’s tone, attitude, purpose and point of view
  • Distinguishing between minor and major points
  • Understanding cause and effect
  • Understanding inference
  • Understanding reference words
  • Understanding the meaning of target vocabulary
  • Scanning a text for specific information
  • Distinguishing main ideas from supporting ideas or evidence
  • Distinguishing ideas the author is reporting from those he is supporting 


VOCABULARY: Students are provided with ample opportunities to learn target vocabulary. From the very beginning they learn that they can understand the general idea of a passage without knowing every word. Then, they are introduced to a rich array of vocabulary through learning strategies, such as guessing the meaning of target vocabulary in reading passages, vocabulary in context, multiple choice exercises and the academic word list which starts with the most frequent vocabulary and ends with the least frequent. Students are also introduced to important prefixes and suffixes that are commonly used in English. Vocabulary is graded, and the level of difficulty goes from intermediate, upper-intermediate to advanced levels.


WRITNG: Reading and writing are two skills that inherently go together. Therefore, both the reading passages and the vocabulary section are designed to prepare students to get ideas and new knowledge to express their opinions and points of view to ultimately write better essays. This section is divided into three subsections: 1. The sentence 2. The paragraph 3. The essay. In each subsection students are introduced to writing techniques, starting from simple sentences to discursive essays. Students are provided with a great range of exercises to practice writing topic sentences, introductions and conclusions, thesis statements, transitional sentences, and supplying details. With writing techniques students also learn different ways of starting their essays and how to support their thesis statements through supporting paragraphs, explanations, examples and data. 


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