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The Way to Cope with Proficiency in Academic English Exams is a completely new version of my original book. Instead of making adjustments, I decided to completely rewrite it so that the exercises in the book would keep pace with the continuing changes in Proficiency Exams. This new version of The Way to Cope with Proficiency in Academic English Exams, while still as user-friendly as before, now reflects the changing face of current exams.


The purpose of this book is to help students prepare for various Proficiency Examinations, by helping them to revise and consolidate grammar at Intermediate and Upper Intermediate levels. The book consists of twenty different units. Each unit covers an aspect of English language structure and usage that is widely tested in the Proficiency Examinations (Hazirlik Atlama) and related examinations such as PAE, TOEFL, IELTS, FCE, YDS, SAT, etc.Basic structures and more advanced points are included in each unit. The aim is to give students enough opportunity to revise and practise simple and more complex grammar points as a whole. In each unit, there is a brief explanation of an element of grammar followed by various types of exercises. In addition, the overall grammatical points are reinforced through tests given at the end of each unit. Thus, each unit provides ample exercises which stimulate and help students giving them numerous opportunities to learn and helping them to gain more self-confidence. The wide range of exercises is designed to avoid monotony and to help students when they encounter different types of questions which appear in Proficiency and similar examinations.

Towards the end of this book, there are four separate sections that provide further practice and reinforcement of the language. These four sections focus on subjects most frequently emphasized during examinations. These sections cover:

  1. Transformations 2. Dialogue Completion 3. Cloze Testsand 4. Error Analysis           

In addition, the reference section at the end of the book provides this helpful information:

  1. A list of prepositions used with verbs and adjectives
  2. 2A list of irregular verbs

How to use the book:

Since this is a practice book, it is intended to support the material in language courses and is designed for this purpose. It can be used both in the classroom and for private study. It is not organised in order of increasing difficulty. Therefore, you can choose any unit you think you need practice with.

Make sure that you study the explanations of every unit thoroughly. By doing this, you will see that the approach to grammar is simple and direct, making the book of immediate help. Each point is illustrated with example sentences; therefore while doing the exercises, you can always refer to the explanations and example sentences at the beginning of each unit.

Do not be discouraged by the technical vocabulary included in some of the multiple choice sections. Simply keep your main objective language usage in general. These multiple-choice tests are independent of the preceding units and function to test overall grammar proficiency.

It is recommended that you redo each exercise after checking your answers with the key.

I hope you will find this book useful in your studies

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